Is it a Place or a Feeling?

Anxiety is where it started. An intense need for change…..of feeling uncomfortable being where I was at any given moment.

What was causing me to feel so discontent? Was it social media and comparison like everyone was saying? Was it a lack of gratitude?

In an attempt to tame my wild need for change, I went on a search for contentment in 2017. With a word for the year of “balance,” we started with a year of homeschooling. I also sold my iPhone in exchange for a flip phone.

I learned SO much in that year and will forever hold it dear. I sat genuinely content for possibly the first time. The connection between the kids and I was warm and plentiful. Nature suddenly had new shades of color and I started to dream again.

The dreams bring me to this next part. My plan to continue the journey by searching for meaning in our home, right where we are. I can’t wait to link arms with you in this grand adventure!

The Connection

Celebrating my 30th birthday this past March naturally caused me to reminisce on the past. And as I enjoyed this time looking through photos and documenting some of my favorite memories, I couldn’t help but feel something was tugging at me.

The opening of my eyes….to just how many homes I had lived in over the years. I finally made the connection between a tendency of mine to crave change and having moved a lot. 28 houses to date. 

Were they homes or houses? I’m on a search to find out!

Photo credit: Preview App (stock photo)

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