Feedback Friday: Extrovert or Introvert?

I really want to hear more from and learn from you guys! So now I want to dedicate Fridays to “Feedback Friday” where I will be bringing a question or topic for you guys to comment on 🙂
Let’s start with : Do you consider yourself to be an extrovert or introvert? What challenges do you come across, being this personality type?
I am an introvert! I find that, although, I do like to go to gatherings and be around people from time to time- it takes a lot of time to recover from such things! This may seem silly, but it takes me a week or so of having lots of quiet time in order to get my energy back after attending an event with lots of people (or any people at all 😜).
Tell me about you now!
(You can find a fun quiz to do here!

2 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: Extrovert or Introvert?

  1. I am an extrovert! I love being around people. Social gatherings are a blast but also can leave me drained after a while. I still enjoy my alone/quiet time. Peace and quiet does good for the soul and this mammas attitude! We always talk about kids being overstimulated but it definitely happens to me too if I overextend my “social schedule”. I’m just loving your posts Lakin!


    1. Yes! I love your comparison to a toddler being overstimulated! That’s exactly what it’s like- and some toddlers can take more stimulation than others. And all toddlers need nap time no matter how active they are 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comments and your involvement! I love having discussion over these topics!


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